Maker Professional Learning

Our Maker Professional Learning courses are offered in a blended format:

The first (half- or full-day) session is conducted in person at your institution* or the STEAM-3D Maker Lab. This session will provide participants with an introduction to maker cultures and pedagogies, hands-on exploration of various maker tools, and supplemental activities to facilitate transfer to participants’ educational contexts.

Subsequent sessions are conducted online (via Adobe Connect, Google Meet, etc.), and are intended to provide ongoing support for continued implementation of the maker PL. These sessions could include exposure to new technologies or revisiting aspects of previously explored tools, collaborative problem-solving and lesson-planning, additional ideas for implementation, and more — depending on your needs. 

Aligned with our philosophy for professional learning, these sessions are highly personalizable and will be co-developed with the requesting institution to ensure a fit with your educational objectives and needs. 

Cost: TBD

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* Sessions conducted at your institution will incur an additional cost ($0.43/km) for facilitators’ mileage. Any required air travel to your institution must have flight costs fully reimbursed to the facilitators.