Google Earth

by Maya Staresinsic

Google Earth is an app that allows your students to fly around the planet and visit the
Pyramids of Giza the same day they explore the Mayan Temples in Mexico. With the swipe of a finger, the user is transported to a desired location around the world. Google Earth can be used to with most PC systems, with Mac systems either 10.6.0 or higher and Linux systems.

Googlunnamede Earth is a geobrowser that accesses satellites and aerial imagery along with other geographic data over the Internet to represent the Earth to the viewer as a three-dimensional globe. The app depicts its imagery in 3D form to make cites, towns, rural areas, forests, etc. come alive. Flying through complete 3D recreations of select areas gives your students the ability to understand such things as infrastructure, geography and more.

Google Earth allows for the user to take a birds eye view of an area, transport to street mode for a more “really there” feel, view Earth from the solar system and see a city from a satellites point of view. The Maps Gallery feature allows the user to view various maps, plot real-time earthquakes, view planes that are in flight and much more. The Google Earth app is the next best thing to having a fully loaded Virtual Reality kit in your classroom.

You can find the Google Earth app on iTunes


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