LEGO Mindstorm

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An Introduction to LEGO Mindstorm

Programming the LEGO Mindstorm

The programming palettes include all of the programming blocks you need to create programs for your robots. There are several palettes, distinguishable by a unique colour, that each serve a different function. This session will focus on the Green and Orange palettes.

The Green Palette

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These control the output of your robots’ programs. They rotate motors, display text and images on the EV3 brick screen, play sounds, and light up the EV3 Brick Status Light.

The Orange Palette

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These control the flow of the program. Every program will begin with a Start block.

For some additional assistance with using this in your classroom, a LEGO Mindstorm Handout has been embedded here.

Curriculum Connections: Primary (Grades 1 – 3)

Grade 2

Understanding Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Animals

  • 3.1 – Identify and describe major physical characteristics of different types of animals.

Grade 3

Understanding Matter and Energy: Forces Causing Movement

  • 3.2 – Identify different types of forces.

Curriculum Connections: Junior (Grades 4 – 6)

Grade 4

Understanding Life Systems: Habitats and Communities

  • 3.4 – Demonstrate an understanding of a community as a group of interacting species sharing a common habitat.

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Pulleys and Gears

  • 3.3 – Describe how one type of motion can be transformed into another type of motion using pulleys or gears.

Grade 6

Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Space

  • 3.4 – Identify the technological tools and devices needed for space exploration.

Curriculum Connections: Intermediate (Grades 7  – 10)

Grade 7

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Form and Function

Grade 8

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Systems in Action

  • 3.2 – Identify the purpose, inputs, and outputs of various systems.


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