Guest Speakers

Dr. Marcelo C. Borba

Dr. Marcelo C. Borba is a Professor of the Graduate Program in Mathematics Education and of the Mathematics Department of UNESP (State University of São Paulo) in Brazil, where he chairs the research group GPIMEM.

Marcelo researches the use of digital technology in mathematics education, online distance education, modeling as a pedagogical approach and qualitative research methodology. He is the Associate Editor of ZDM, International Journal of Mathematics Education. He has delivered invited presentations internationally in 14 countries. He is the current chair of the Teaching Committee of the main funding agency in Brazil. He has published several books, book chapters and refereed papers in Portuguese and in English. He is the editor of a collection of books in Brazil which have been published over the last twelve years and include 26 books to date. He is currently leading the CAPES-PrInt project, a research funding initiative that aims to foster internationalization of research in Brazil.

Please join us on Tuesday March 24th for an expert talk from Dr. Borba on the value of creating multimodal videos with mathematical content for bridging the traditional borders of learning.

When?  Tuesday March 24th, 2020 (12:00 – 1:30pm)
Where?  Ontario Tech University Faculty of Education, Room 415

Can’t make it in person? Join us on Google Meet during that same timeslot to watch the stream and participate in the conversation! Watch our social media channels leading up to the date for the link to join the livestream.

 Dr. Kristiina Kumpulainen & Dr. Anu Kajamaa

Dr. Kumpulainen and Dr. Kajamaa collaboratively lead the Learning Culture and Interventions (LECI) Research Community in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Kumpulainen received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Exeter in 1994, and has gone on to hold distinguished positions at the Academy of Finland, the Finnish National Board of Education, and the University of Helsinki. She has also worked as a visiting professor at international institutions, including the University of California, the University of Warwick, and most recently, the University of British Columbia. Click here to read more about Dr. Kumpulainen’s research interests and accomplishments.

Dr. Kajamaa is passionate about research-based education and, since obtaining her Ph.D., has earned numerous teaching and research awards. In addition to her role as an Adjunct Professor and Principal Investigator at the University of Helsinki, Dr. Kajamaa is a member of several national and international research projects and consortiums, and has been a visiting professor at McGill University, the University of Gothenburg, and the University of Otago, to name a few. Click here to read more about Dr. Kajamaa’s research interests and accomplishments.

Please join us on Thursday November 28th for a series of expert talks from these esteemed visitors, presenting their research, insights, and implications from their work with school-based makerspaces in Finland. Click here, or on the image above, to view the poster for more details.

When?  Thursday November 28th, 2019 (4:00 – 6:00pm)
Where?  Ontario Tech University Faculty of Education, Room 415

Rosa Cendros

Rosa Cendros holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies, and is a lecturer in the area of Multiliteracies at the University of Western Ontario. Her work focuses specifically on the ways in which students collaborate and build knowledge through digital and multimodal forms of communication. She has over 10 years of experience as an online teacher, instructional designer for online environments, curriculum developer, researcher, and manager of distance education projects.

On Monday October 28th, Dr. Cendros visited the lab to present research-based recommendations for harnessing the power of online collaborative mind maps to foster community among students, increase expression, and optimize classroom learning.

Missed the talk? Click here, or the image above, to view the poster for more details. You can also get in contact with Dr. Cendros through Twitter (@rosacendros).

Gabriella Solti

Gabriella is a computer programmer turned artist. She earned her undergraduate and Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 6.34.27 PMgraduate degrees in the field of computer sciences back in her home country of Hungary. When Gabriella’s children were ready to go off to pursue their own university educations, Gabriella decided it was time for her to go back too. She attended Emily Carr University of Arts in Vancouver earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts. From here she earned her Masters of Fine Arts at Western University. She has had exhibits globally, appearing in Italy, Germany, United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada, most recently in London, Ontario.

Gabriella presented at the Faculty of Education to lead K-8 teachers from across Ontario in circuit-based art projects. Below you can find her two workshop handouts as well as some photos of the day.


Follow the link for more information about the Workshop 1: Interactive Image with Electronic Components

Follow the link for more information about the Workshop 2: Architectural Modelling

For more information, refer to Gabriella’s website.

George GadanidisTEACHINGAWARDS_gadanidis

Dr. George Gadanidis is a Full Professor at Western University in the Faculty of Education.  He is a Fellow of the Fields Institute and the recipient of a number of research and teaching awards. Each year George spends 50-60 days in elementary school classrooms collaborating with teachers to design innovative ways of engaging young children with big math ideas. His work is in mathematics, technology and the arts, with a recent focus on math and coding.

Stephanie ThompsonSteph14

Stephanie Thompson is an Academic and Research Associate at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s (UOIT) Faculty of Education. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto before acquiring her Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for the Study of Education (OISE) in the Junior/Intermediate division. Following this in 2014, Stephanie earned her Masters of Arts in Education in Digital Technologies from UOIT’s Faculty of Education. She spent over 10 years teaching and acting as a staff development facilitator/trainer for the Durham District School Board. She spoke at our CODE/Ministry of Education Makerspace Professional Development conference about assessment in this new learning environment.

Following the link for Stephanie’s presentation: CODE MOE UOIT Assessment Slides

Wili LibermanWili Liberman

Wili Liberman is a writer and publisher and the founder of TEACH Magazine. He is the author of half a dozen graphic novels including Dystopia2153. He is interested in how narrative and coding can be integrated and work together to tell a compelling story that will engage the reader in new ways. Wili is a graduate from the University of Toronto and DeMontfort University in the UK where he completed a Masters degree in Creative Writing with a focus on Teaching the Graphic Novel in the Classroom.

Click Here to check out Dystopia2153!

Rob KingRob King

Rob King is a creative technologist, which means he is the programmer behind Dystopia2153 but also engages with technology in other ways. He programs lights for large scale installations, makes hardware in robots, both for artists and advertisers. He completed his education at Ryerson’s New Media program and completed a master’s degree with York-Ryerson in Communications and Culture. He works closely with Wili out of Toronto and hopes to see the program take flight and inspire the next generation of coders and storytellers.