e-Learning Support

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the STEAM-3D Maker Lab has rolled out a number of initiatives to support teachers, parents, and students during the rapid transition to emergency remote learning, including:

For more information or to access the resources associated with these programs, click the navigational links above or keep scrolling!

Virtual Professional Learning Network (VPLN)

Our synchronous Virtual Professional Learning Network (VPLN) sessions were developed for small groups of educators to interactively and collaboratively engage with a variety of digital tools for education that could be beneficial in both online and face-to-face learning environments.

To view recordings from previous VPLN sessions or request one for your school, click here.

Online STEAM Sessions

Since the physical Maker Lab is temporarily closed, we have decided to bring our Mobile Maker program online! We have one timeslot per week available for teachers to bring their classes to an Online STEAM Session, hosted synchronously or asynchronously, depending on your needs and guidance provided by your school board. These sessions feature a mathematics focus and are co-developed with the requesting teacher to engage students in online, digital making.

If you are interested in attending a session with your class, please email uoitsteam3D@gmail.com.

Student sessions developed in partnership with the Math Knowledge Network.

Video Resources for e-Learning Tools

To supplement our synchronous learning sessions, the STEAM-3D Maker Lab has also begun producing video resources designed to support teachers, parents, and/or students navigate various tools for e-Learning. In addition to the resources developed for some of the STEAM Tools we use most often, these videos focus on Learning Management Systems (LMS), collaboration tools, and more!

Our first series provides an introduction to some of the more common features of Google Classroom for teachers and parents. Check out the six-video playlist below:

If you have a suggestion for which e-Learning tool we should cover next, send us a message at uoitsteam3D@gmail.com.