Curious which tools and technologies are used most often in the Maker Lab? Check out the slideshow below!

For more detailed information, including specific curriculum connections and examples, navigate through the STEAM Tools drop-down menu.

STEAM Curriculum Connections

Click below for a general list of Ontario curriculum connections that align with STEAM-based learning activities and makerspace tools.

STEAM Curriculum Connections

STEAM Tools Challenges

STEAM 3D maker lab is challenging motivated individuals, to submit mini-maker challenges for our website.

We are looking for challenges that range in subject area, grade level and the degree of difficulty. Use the dropdown menu under “STEAM Tools” to explore some of the digital making tools and their associated challenges.

You have the freedom to create and present the challenge however you see fit, but we’ve compiled some pro-tips for creating your masterpiece:
– avoid cognitive overload by having loud music and spoken instruction
– keep the videos under 2 minutes
– make it fun and engaging (students will be trying them)
– think outside the box!

For submission, please send to

We look forward to seeing what creative and engaging challenges you come up with! Contest ends May 1, 2018.

Oh, and did we forget to mention – top submissions will win $150!!