Puzzle piece logo for the EdPuzzle video augmentation platform.by Jennifer Robb

Videos have always been a valuable resource for education, and with so many educators and edutainers producing high quality video content, there’s often no need to reinvent the wheel for our students. However, we still want to know that our students in blended, flipped, or virtual learning contexts are a) watching the videos, and b) learning the salient concepts. EdPuzzle is one way to address that challenge. With EdPuzzle, you can create interactive video lessons in just a few short minutes with their web-based video editor that enables you to:

  • Cut sections of the video that are irrelevant or inappropriate for your students.
  • Record your own voice-overs to highlight important parts of the video.
  • Embed multiple-choice and open-ended questions for students to answer at appropriate timestamps.
  • Quickly evaluate students’ understanding through built-in Gradebook.
  • Integrate EdPuzzle videos with Google Classroom, Canvas, and other LMS.
  • … and more!

Not feeling particularly creative? EdPuzzle has a large database of video lessons created by other educators that you can remix to suit your needs, or just use as is!

Raring to create your own? Upload a video from your computer or Google Drive, or use the site’s “Create a video” feature to find your preferred video on YouTube and start making! EdPuzzle even has a Google Chrome browser extension that adds a button beneath videos on YouTube so you A screenshot of the "Getting Started" playlist on EdPuzzle's YouTube channel.can start editing as soon as you see a video you love! Check out this EdPuzzle playlist for a step-by-step walkthrough to getting started.

Although EdPuzzle’s interactivity can be used to promote engagement or create “choose-your-own-adventure” learning exercises, my favourite application of this technology is for formative assessment. By embedding questions at key points throughout the video, you can easily determine students’ level of understanding as the lesson progresses. Similarly, EdPuzzle’s open-ended question feature can be used to prompt students’ critical thinking and applications of the material they’ve learned. Finally, being able to add hyperlinks into your questions, answers, or as a simple note throughout the video allows you to redirect students to relevant supplementary materials or websites of interest.

You can create up to 20 augmented videos with EdPuzzle’s free educator account. Need more? Premium versions are available for individual teachers or entire school districts that allow for unlimited video creation. Or, you can refer your friends and colleagues and receive storage space for three additional videos for each one that creates an account.

We’d love to see what you create with this tool. Share your awesome maker videos on Twitter with the hashtag #makeON!

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