GeoGebra AR

Logo for GeoGebra AR App by Jennifer Robb 

Augmented Reality continues to gain traction in classrooms for its ability to deeply immerse students into learning. By superimposing an image, video, or text onto the real world, students are able to explore events, places, and concepts in a more concrete way, leading to a deeper understanding.

I was introduced to GeoGebra AR by Ingrid, a Ph.D. student from Brazil who is working with us in the STEAM-3D Maker Lab until the end of the year. Designed for youth in secondary school and beyond, this amazing app enables you to view the results of various mathematical functions in 3D, projected on any surface in the world around you!

Screenshots of the GeoGebra AR app showing two different mathematical functions.

After generating a mathematical function, users can “anchor” the 3D object to any surface and explore it from various angles. GeoGebra AR also encourages users to take screenshots of the resultant object for studying purposes, which can help strengthen their understanding of the function itself.

Although GeoGebra AR is early in development, there are many different functions available to view. Having just learned about it today, I have as yet to explore all of its possibilities but can’t wait to do so! I highly encourage you to check it out as well.

At this time, GeoGebra AR is only available for Apple devices (for the low, low price of totally free). Check it out on the App Store here.

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