Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.34.17 PMby Maya Staresinic

Students and teachers have a lot on their plate. Teachers have to remember when report cards are due, when the school soccer team has practice and everything in between. Students on the other hand, ned to recall when their culminating assignments are due (for all of their classes) what evenings they work, have band practice and more. Needless to say, schools are extremely busy places filled with busy people!

iHomework is an app that helps you remember important dates during the busy time of the school year. The app not only helps the user keep up-to-date with schoolwork, it reminds students of the grades they are receiving in their classes, their non-school related to-do lists, their teachers information (because we all know that the course syllabus magically disappears by the end of the semester/year), and really anything else the student needs to stay on top of during the school year.screen696x696

With its clean and simplistic organization and layout, you will never forget when that Math Unit test is. iHomework has the ability to sync to the users iCal, which allows the user to receive notifications when things are due. When it comes to uploading dates for assignments that are due, the user has the ability to add as much detail about the assignment in iHomework’s notes. When reading an online book, iHomework offers the user to bookmark the page they left off at, right in the app. In addition, iHomework not only keeps track of your teacher’s information, it also keeps track of your course information. Forget what room your class was switched to? iHomework will
mark the location of your class so that you never forgot where you are meeting on any given day.

For those who need a little bit of help getting organized, the iHomework app is the app for you. iHomework is available through the iTunes App Store for $2.79

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