MyScript Calculator

by Laura Dobos

WImage result for myscript calculatorith the growing epidemic that is technology in the classroom, it is becoming increasingly important for teachers to have the knowledge and know-how to combat the distractive nature of these technologies. Technology is something, that when used properly and propel our students forward to success, like never before. Students become more engaged, more passionate and more willing to learn concepts that they otherwise would have no interest in. MyScript Calculator is one of those amazing apps that can be utilized to increase understanding and engagement in the math classroom. Of course, like any piece of tech, it needs to be used after students have learned about responsible technology use. Now, onto the specs!

The capabilities of this calculator really blew my mind. I was amazed by the expressions that it was able to solve and the user-friendly nature of it. Using a tablet or phone, you open the app and the interface is graph paper that you write on. You use your finger, or a stylus to write the expression that needs to be solved and the program recognizes it, digitizes it, and solves it. It’s as simple as that. There are restraints of the app with regards to which functions can be completed (it tells you within the tutorial). Whether you’re teaching your class BEDMAS or the quadratic equation, this app gives your students the opportunity to check their work, based on how they have written the question. Of course, there is also the chance that students could use the app irresponsibly and obtain answers without completing the work, but that’s where the sequential marking comes in. The app does not give the user the steps that lead to the answer, so there is no opportunity to obtain that information this way.

I love this app and see a ton of different uses for it within the math classroom, the science classroom, the business classroom, even the tech classrooms – anywhere math is needed, this app can be used.

It’s FREE in the App store (Apple) and Google Play store.

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