By: Laura Morrison

BLOXELS has developed Bloxels edu, so let’s explore what’s new!

If you’re not yet familiar with the original Bloxels, check out this short video clip that gives a quick overview of what Bloxels is:

Like the original Bloxels, students can create their own games. They can build in all their own details — right down to the characters, backgrounds, and art! The great thing about the edu version is that now educators can set up classrooms where students can share all their content creation and teachers can view student work, award various digital badges and send students messages. 

What I love about the Bloxels platform, in general, is that students can personalize everything they create. It’s a space where students can become absolutely absorbed in the design process and really let their imaginations run free.

And, if we’re talking theory (which we love as a research lab!) Bloxels lets students build social presence and community online. They get the chance to show off a variety of their global competencies’ and skills (like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking) and to project their personalities. They also get to share their work and to try out the games of their peers. Importantly, students might feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment, no matter how far they get in the design process. For example, they can focus more closely on character creation and background design and have a simple game or they can create very simple characters and aesthetic features but create a game with lots of gaming complexity. 

Bloxels edu can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways — linking together a ton of subjects and curriculum connections. The company has created a brief overview of the curriculum connections they see, which can be adapted to any of the Canadian curricula. Check out their Welcome Educators! Getting started guide here to see some of the ways to use Bloxels edu in the classroom. 



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