Monster Math

by Amanda Trigiani

Take an adventure with a monster named Maxx in an exciting game that practices core math skills. Learners get to travel into 4 different worlds to save Maxx’s friend Dextra, battle enemies and find allies. The engaging and interactive storyline relies on the user’s ability to remember, understand, and apply their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and geometry to travel through the levels.

Monster Math is an arcade-style game that works for iPhone, iPad, or Android users. It offers a free and paid version of the app. The game is adaptive to learners needs and scaffolds according to their skill level. The learner, parent, or educator can choose a grade level between grade K-5 as well as the types of skills to practice. The app also features personalized in-depth reporting about the performance of the learner, highlighting skills that they know well and those which skills still need to be practiced. There is also the option of having multiple profiles on the app for different learners to use it and receive their reports separately. The feedback is valuable and specific which helps to guide the learner towards more advanced math problems when they are ready.

Some additional features include 23 game characters, multiplayer mode, and practice mode. The app also has no third-party ads, which is a wonderful feature! Lastly, educators or parents can also explore the apps ‘Printables’ section, which features lesson plans organized by grade and unit. The developer of this app has a number of other math apps that you may want to check out, like Math Rescue 7-9 or Duel Math Fight!

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