The Sandbox EDU

by Maya Staresinic 256x256bb

It is well known that many students enjoy the occasional video game. Time and time again I have heard students say, “When I got home I played some video games…” Well, we have found a game that brings students love for video games and learning into one big happy (and educational) concept. Inquiry-based problem solving and experiential learning meet in the middle with the Sandbox EDU game by PIXOWL INC. Students are naturally curious and want to feed their sense of wonder. The Sandbox EDU is the perfect game to satisfy the Maker in your classroom, in your household or even the Maker in you!

The game entices the user to play and learn, with its video game-like graphics and catchy musical additions. Specifically adapted for students ranging from 6 – 12 years of age, users will play, craft and build while interacting with the game. The Sandbox EDU captures the educational/maker sense with its ability to allow users to learn and conduct scientific investigations and engineering design through inquiry-based problem-solving in an open-ended world created by the game.

What is great about the game is that it really embraces STEAM learning. The user is required to solve problems, respond to scenarios using their critical thinking skills, construct or deconstrucscreen520x924-1t environments, create art, design machines and so much more. The Sandbox EDU draws information, games, and tasks from a wide variety of subjects: Environmental Science, Physics, Geology, Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, Electronics and Circuits, Pixel Art, Music and Game Design. There is something for all interest. Experiential learning comes into play during the direct learning experiences users gain from engaging in concepts that are rooted in curriculum thinking. Concepts are drawn from such concentrations as functions, chemistry experiments, elemental reactions, art projects, probability, natural phenomena and more.

The Sandbox EDU by PIXOWL INC. can found on the iTunes app store $2.79

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