by Lauren Fridman & Maya Staresinic


Tickle is an app that runs on Apple devices and allows users to create block codes for their programmable robots. The app functions with a multitude of robots including Sphero, BB8, Ollie, Dash and Dot. The interface is incredibly simplified and operates in a way that allows beginner coders to program in a successful and user-friendly way.

We have used this app countless times when interacting with students as young as 6 and teachers and adults well into their 60s making it the ideal introductory tool for coding. Users can create a sequence of events that they would like their bot to complete and drag-and-drop the coding blocks to program their robots. Since coding has began to grow in popularity in the education system Tickle offers users an opportunity to begin expanding their coding knowledge on an app that functions similarly to other coding mediums. The low-level entry point required to use Tickle makes it ideal for even the most nervous of users.

Currently you can find Tickle in the Apple Store.

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